Why segmentation will drive conversions

MARKETING - August 21, 2023
A woman learning how to segment campaigns at Subtle Digital

Are you segmenting your campaigns and flows?

If your product has a split based on gender, location, use case etc. how are you using this data to your advantage?

Segmenting the creative based on a split, allows you to personalise and tailor the message to the individual customer. If your product range has a male and female range, it makes no sense to send out campaigns and flows to just one gender type, this is where a split for genders comes into it. For example, the male creative might be more masculine, while the female might be more feminine — I’m generalising here.

Other forms of segmentation you can take into consideration:

Age (Gen Z vs Boomers)

  • Time of day sent
  • Language used


  • Masculine vs feminine
  • Product range use case


  • Language (English speaking?)
  • Different products purchased (hot vs cold environment or seasonality?)
  • Time of day (are you sending based on local time zone?)

Are taking segmentation further into your campaigns and flows?


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