Accelerating eCommerce Expansion

We assist merchants in expanding and enhancing their marketing, tech and operational capabilities.

Our Valued Clients

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The eCommerce 'Glue' For Merchants

We're an experienced eCommerce consulting firm with over 15 years in the digital space.

We help merchants in the following ways

  • To be the key advisor in understanding, managing and planning changes in technology.
  • To help you find, measure and understand your audience.
  • To help you understand and optimise your operations and customer experience.

We prioritize long-term partnerships with a selected group of clientele. Quality over quantity.

Our Wheelhouse

Services We Provide

eCommerce Strategy Development

We assist merchants in crafting a holistic approach to establish or elevate their online presence.

By analyzing your market, target audience, and competition, we provide valuable insights to guide your next strategic moves.

eCommerce CRO Analysis and Optimisation

Our expertise lies in maximizing sales, conversions, and customer satisfaction for merchants through meticulous analysis and optimization methodologies.

eCommerce Marketing Strategy and Analysis

Whether you require guidance on optimizing search engine rankings (SEO), leveraging social media marketing, implementing content marketing, executing email campaigns, or running channel-specific promotions, we are here to support you.

Store Setup and Migration

Are you looking to migrate you store across from another platform, or you need a hand in the setup of a brand new store.

We can help you figure out the right apps and integrations to ensure you dominate the competition.

eCommerce Analytics and Performance Tracking

By implementing and configuring analytics tools, we assist merchants in comprehending customer behavior and motivations. Enabling you to effectively monitor and analyze crucial performance indicators.

Merchant Support

Need ongoing support for your store or help in running a project. We can assist in getting your project up to speed or guiding you to what the next steps are.

Our Trusted Partners

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Klaviyo Partner
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What's Being Said About Us

Where do I begin?! Todd is an absolute legend. Myself, being not the most technical minded person in the way of websites and coding etc, it was important for me to find someone who knows their stuff.

Easy going and professional and gets things done in a timely manor.

-Glen Mackay, Directors Edge

Todd and his team were fantastic. They really got me out of a jam - they were prompt, thorough and professional - making sure to really understand what I needed, and then executing.

Will certainly be using Subtle Digital again in the future. Thanks Todd!

-Harish Chhabria, Domino Brass

Todd has serious attention to detail when it comes to what is REALLY needed on a website for it to run efficiently and convert.

Thanks so much for the assistance! Look forward to seeking more guidance from you in the future.

-Courtney, The Fairy God Nanny


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